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Dimbare led-paneel Liv met afstandsbediening


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Materiaalplexiglas, aluminium
Kleurwit, zilver
Lichtkleurwarmwit (2.700 K) - daglicht (6.500 K)
Lichtbron inbegrepenJa
LichtbronLeds - totaal 36 W
Lengte (cm)120
Breedte (cm)30
Hoogte (cm)4,8
Lichtstroom (lumen)2880 lm
Lichtstroom totaal (lumen)2880
Netspanning (V)230


Art.nr.: 9956008

Fel led-paneel Liv met afstandsbediening voor het veranderen van lichtkleur en intensiteit

Led-panelen zijn lichtobjecten, die niet alleen wegens hun hoge functionaliteit geliefd zijn. Liv heeft een langwerpige vorm en wordt omlijst door een zilveren aluminium frame. De afdekking over de fel verlichtende en energiezuinige leds bestaat uit PMMA, en zorgt voor een gelijkmatige verdeling van het licht.

Liv is perfect voor gebruik op kantoor, maar ook in de keuken of in de woonkamer, als men er liever een functioneel design wenst. In elk geval is de meegeleverde afstandsbediening erg welkom, waarmee het mogelijk is om zowel de lichtkleur als de intensiteit bij deze led-paneel in te stellen.



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    Vragen & antwoorden (4)

    Is het paneel traploos dimbaar of zijn het vaste vooropingestelde stappen?

    Nanne 9 maanden geleden
    tonen 1 antwoord

    Dit paneel is traploos dimbaar.

    lampen24 team 9 maanden geleden

    Kunnen de lampen vervangen worden? 

    SVP 6 maanden geleden
    tonen 1 antwoord

    De lichtbronnen kunnen in deze lamp niet vervangen worden.
    U heeft hierop echter 2 jaar garantie en de lichtbronnen hebben een levensduur van max. 25 000 branduren.

    Evelien van Lampen24 6 maanden geleden

    Ik overweeg 2 of 3 van deze dimbare ledlampen in een ruimte. Moet ik dan 3 verschillende afstandsbedieningen gebruiken? en is het mogelijk elke lamp individueel te dimmen?

    Freddy 2 jaar geleden
    tonen 1 antwoord

    u kunt met een afstandsbeding alle lampen bedienen. Wel moet u op de lamp richten die uw wilt dimmen. De lampen zullen dus niet allemaal tegelijk gedimd worden.

    Team Lampen24 1 jaar geleden

    Beoordelingen (38)

    Dimbare led-paneel Liv met afstandsbediening-9956008-31

    Dimbare led-paneel Liv met afstandsbediening

    4.6 (38 Beoordelingen)
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    Kwaliteit van product

    Excellent working light in a gloomy kitchen.

    Bucephaloid 14 dagen geleden

    We've just moved in to a house with a generously sized but long kitche...

    We've just moved in to a house with a generously sized but long kitchen, with its only window at the north (narrow) end. Two of these LED panels down the long axis of the room have changed it from a cave into a bright, nearly shadow-free working space! The dimmers mean that we can have bright, even and glare-free lighting at 'daylight' setting. When the work is finished, 'warm white' produces a more intimate and relaxing space. The amount of light available, plus the flexibility, has made an amazing difference!

    In fairness, I must add that installation is a four-handed job, as someone has to hold the panel near the ceiling for connections to be made before it mounts to the bracket. In addition, I had to chip away at areas of a rough artex ceiling to get the bracket to sit square and flush, but that's not the fault of the lights!

    The finished appearance is neat and quite unobtrusive, given their size. These lights, plus some under-unit lighting for the worktops, have given us a kitchen we can really enjoy using!

    Beoordeling tonen

    Nice looking light but not very bright.

    rbw 17 dagen geleden

    I had the light fitted by our electrician and it looks great. The rem...

    I had the light fitted by our electrician and it looks great. The remote control is small, but works perfectly. The quality of the light's construction is very good. My problem is that even on its highest daylight setting, it does not give sufficient light for the room, which is 5 metres by 3.5 metres. I did phone up to lights.co to check that this particular light would be bright enough for the size of the room, and was assured that it was, but it definitely isnt. Looks as though we'll have to have sidelights, but that's not ideal - the room is an office!
    The warm light setting, by the way, is awful - it looks as it the light is just shining through an orangey filter.

    Beoordeling tonen

    Slim and modern led panel li

    Sugar37dog 1 jaar geleden

    These have just been installed in our kitchen which is quite a large r...

    These have just been installed in our kitchen which is quite a large room so used one either end. The kitchen is not finished yet so they haven’t had much use, but first impressions are very good.
    We have planned a contemporary look and whilst these aren’t particularly eye catching, they fit well in a smooth understated way. The remote is easy to use (without needing the instructions) and the ability to change both the brightness and the kelvin works really well for us as we use this room for dining as well - therefore bright white light when cooking etc and a warmer dimmed light when eating socialising.
    It’s often tricky buying things from the internet but having trawled the shops and not finding it, we located on here. We also ordered 2 small square similar ones but these turned out to be the wrong sort of fitting so we returned these, which was again a simple process.

    Beoordeling tonen

    Like yourself, I would need two of these light fittings for my kitchen, Can you advise if you can control both lights with one remote control. Many thanks.

    Gooberz99 17 dagen geleden

    Excellent light source for our kitchen

    Alan1952 5 maanden geleden

    Installation was slightly tricky as our ceiling was not perfectly flat...

    Installation was slightly tricky as our ceiling was not perfectly flat but between two of us we were able to work it into place. Once installed the light is so flexible with being able to control both the color and brilliance. You can find the prefect light for every need and is perfect for our kitchen which has limited natural light.

    Beoordeling tonen

    Kitchen Light

    john1000uk 1 jaar geleden

    My kitchen is approx 3.5 m by 4 m painted white and cream. With the li...

    My kitchen is approx 3.5 m by 4 m painted white and cream. With the light on full its too bright for my taste. That's why I bought the dimmable version with its ability to be switched on and off whilst memory retaining the dimmed and colour temperature settings, this makes it perfect.
    For anyone who has fitted lights before i.e. knows the basics its easy to fit. I did it on my own but you should really have a second pair of hands to hold it whilst you connect the wiring otherwise you are trying to hold/balance a relatively large fitting single handed whilst connecting the wires, fortunately I could balance mine on the top of the step ladder !

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